Howick Cruise - In 9 August 2019
Howick Community Centre,
45088 Harriston Road, Gorrie Ontario

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Drone Photo 1

Notice the visitors cars parked on the road to Harriston. Looking East.

Drone Photo 2

It was rather windy so I waited until after 7 pm

Drone Photo 3

That is the reason for the long shadows

Drone Photo 4

I am not sure of the numbers of show vehicles

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Drone Photo 5

Notice the visitors cars parked on the road to Wingham. Looking West.

Drone Photo 6

Even at this height it difficult to capture the whole area

Drone Photo 7

A photo from directly above, the sun was not in my view

Drone Photo 8

This has to be the largest FREE car show in Ontario.

Drone Photo 9

The Hamburgers and Sausage on a bun where delicious, I had one of each.

Drone Photo 11

Looking South. By the way, we had trucks, tractors, motorcycles, golf carts.

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Drone Photo 12

I have two 4 minute videos that turned out great.

Drone Photo 13

However I have not had a chance to edit and upload the videos.

Drone Photo 14

September 13 2019 will be the last Howick car show for the season.

Drone Photo 1

Could September 13 be even LARGER ? why not come and join us.

Drone Photo 15

Pick up your September issue of Whats Happening In Howick for news and events.

Drone Photo 16

You don't want to miss September the 13 2019, Howick Community Centre.

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