Howick Cruise Night Septrmber 9 2011

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Cruise Night Photo 1

Cruise Night Photo 2

Cruise Night Photo 3

Lots of big rigs and all looking good.

Cruise Night Photo 4

Even little rigs, Walker Power truck and Honda/Hannigan.

Cruise Night Photo 5

More bikers arrive.

Cruise Night Photo 6

Even the Olympia ice resurficer was at the show and shine, Thanks Bruce, real cool.

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Cruise Night Photo 7

Richard Pepper with his 2008 Suzuki, modified. to the right is the printed report.

Cruise Night Photo 8

Report card from Cayuga Tower Broadcasts, if I read this correctly quarter mile in 7.523 seconds and 186.15 MPH

Cruise Night Photo 9

Cruise Night 10 Photo 10

D Hafermehl 1962 Pontiac Parisienne 2 door coupe

Cruise Night Photo 11

Cruise Night 10 Photo 12

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Cruise Night Photo 13

Kevin far left, Maysey, Todd, and Doug

Cruise Night 10 Photo 14

Maysey and Todd,

    get a room   !   !

Cruise Night Photo 15

Photos taken from the Roof, Thanks Bruce for the oppertunity! Todd, Jean, Elizabeth and Kevin.

Cruise Night 10 Photo 16

Another photo from the roof.

Cruise Night Photo 17

Another photo from the roof. with a little Zooom

Cruise Night 10 Photo 18

Marian and Cathy, you can't hide from a Zooom Lense

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Cruise Night Photo 19

Cruise Night 10 Photo 20

Cruise Night Photo 21

Maysey, Kevin, Elizabeth, Jean, and Doug.

Cruise Night 10 Photo 22

Todds Honda with the LED's turned on, note the headlight eyebrows and the front strobes

Cruise Night Photo 23

The LED's in the speaker pods rotate in a clockwise motion and change colour, cool.

Cruise Night 10 Photo 24

The 4 LED strobes in the front and 4 at the back were difficult to photo with all 8 on at the same time. Todd being an expert auto body technician designed and built the storage pup that fits into the trailer receiver.

Cruise Night Photo 25

It was getting time to pack up and leave for the ride home.

Cruise Night 10 Photo 26

I thought I would give the Walker a little go and put the pedal to the metal, WOW.

just kidding, these tracks were left here by someone else.

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